If opportunity
doesn’t knock,
build a door.

Up Property is a boutique investment company located in Melbourne Australia. We focus on both residential development and commercial property investment. Our expertise lies in identifying, acquiring and managing real estate opportunities that offer compelling upside potential.

Strong property fundamentals, progressive thinking and creative vision sit at the heart of our methodology, and whether developing or investing, we approach every project with a dynamic drive to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

In every project we seek out the potential that exists when opportunity and vision meet. This is our founding principle and the commitment for which we are recognised.

At Up Property we focus on development opportunities that offer the potential to create landmark projects.

With extensive experience in bringing development projects to market, we manage all stages of the development lifecycle – from acquisition, design and planning to sales, marketing and construction.

Working with leading architects and consultants who share our passion for design and quality, we seek to redefine the benchmark for contemporary living.

Up Property is dedicated to designing inspiring homes that represent the finest examples of architecture and liveability, achieving the best outcomes for those who own our properties, as well as the communities in which our developments have been built.

At Up Property our strength lies in identifying and investing in commercial properties that have solid underlying fundamentals, a secure income stream and the capability to add significant value. This requires the keen ability to accurately assess the value of an asset today, and have the vision to see its potential tomorrow.

Working together with leading consultants, we manage the entire investment process – from carrying out due diligence, negotiating and structuring the acquisition, to arranging finance and ongoing asset management.

Through continuous research and strong relationships with key property professionals, a wealth of industry knowledge, and experience in tracking market trends, Up Property is in a unique position to take advantage of emerging and exciting opportunities.

Up Property Pty Ltd
Level 1, 85 Union St
Armadale Victoria 3143
T 03 9500 8866
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