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Morris Moor-an award-winning precinct built on strong partnerships

– 05 July, 2022
Up Property is proud to announce that its landscape design partner, Tract Consultants, has been awarded the 2022 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Award in the Urban Design category for Morris Moor.
Morris Moor is an urban precinct with premium office spaces, a vibrant hospitality scene, onsite childcare and wellness offerings perfectly positioned in Moorabbin, just 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD.
Up Property appointed Tract to work in collaboration with Connect Plus and Genton Architects to design the development’s landscape masterplan. Formerly the Phillip Morris cigarette factory, the disused industrial precinct has been transformed to deliver a unique and welcoming community destination for locals and beyond.
As a leading property developer and investment company, Up Property seeks always to add value and enrich the communities in which it invests. The developer’s approach with Morris Moor was no different. Up envisioned a precinct where businesses, families and the local community could work, dine and play – all in one place. A destination that nurtures a sense of community. A place that offers diversity of experience and rewards individual discovery. An incubator for new employment and creative opportunities.
Up’s goal was to design a vibrant neighbourhood with creative offices, dining options and wellness offerings nestled among beautifully landscaped grounds and open green spaces.
Leading the transformational project from day one, Tract has steered value management, sustainability initiatives, innovation and the introduction of new technology that enhances the overall experience. Working with Up Property and its team of collaborators, the leading landscape architects ensured the integration of urban design principles and architectural concepts complemented the intended environment design.
Tract’s proposed design strategy celebrates the spatial layout and character of the precinct while introducing elements that sensitively and seamlessly integrate with existing structures. This balance of nature and architecture acknowledges the history of the location while breathing fresh life into the space.
Their strategy included a network of landscaped pedestrian routes that connect the various open spaces and encourages exploration and discovery. This serves as invitation for tenants and visitors to experience the precinct in a way that is unique to them.
Incorporating mini destinations, welcoming points, and lush pergola structures with seating nooks, Tract’s design positively encourages social interaction and nurtures a sense of community. The team has also incorporated adaptable designs within their work, creating areas that respond to different uses at different times. This feature highlights the ever-evolving and creative nature of Morris Moor while allowing future event organisers complete flexibility.
As commercial, residential and industrial property developers with a vision for the future, sustainability is a key focus for Up Property. Every Up project intends to reflect the finest example of liveability and workability for today and tomorrow.
A key initiative by Tract was its response to potential climate change factors, including choice of materials, reuse of existing elements and integrated Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) infrastructure. As part of this initiative, substantial tree planting has been introduced in the car parks to provide long-term canopy cover while mitigating heat-island effects and providing shade.
In uniting these elements, Tract and Up Property have delivered a multi-use urban park and lively precinct for the community. This impressive partnership has transformed a previously inaccessible industrial site into an intimately connected, safe and accessible place to gather, work, eat, play and linger.
Morris Moor’s design welcomes the local community back to the site, invites new visitors and delivers a vibrant neighbourhood where a sense of belonging, pride and connection can truly thrive.
The transformation of the Morris Moor precinct is one that we are truly proud of and we’re honoured to have collaborated with Tract in delivering this award-winning destination. Once a disused industrial precinct, today it is a vibrant, welcoming and lively neighbourhood that reflects Up Property’s goal of creating visionary places and enriching the places we touch.
Adam Davidson
Managing Director, Up Property