If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Up Property is a Melbourne based boutique real estate investment company. With a focus on both commercial property investment and residential development, our expertise lies in identifying, acquiring and managing real estate opportunities that offer compelling upside potential.

Strong property fundamentals, progressive thinking and creative vision sit at the heart of our methodology. Whether investing or developing, we approach every project with a relentless drive to maximise returns, minimise risk and create positive impact.

Every day at Up Property, we seek out the potential which is created when opportunity and vision meet. This is our founding principle and the commitment for which we are proud to be recognised.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment strength lies in identifying commercial properties that have robust underlying fundamentals and upside potential, and an ability to generate a secure income stream. This requires expertise in assessing the value of an asset today, knowing how to solve any of its problems, and having the vision to invent and create its new future.

Partnering with leading consultants, we manage the entire investment process, including due diligence, negotiating and structuring acquisitions, arranging finance and ongoing asset management.

Through research, strong relationships and a wealth of industry knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to take on projects with compelling upside.

Development Principals

We focus on development opportunities that offer the potential to create landmark projects. With extensive experience in bringing properties to market, we manage all stages of the project lifecycle – from acquisition, design and planning, to sales, marketing, and construction.

Working with leading architects and consultants who share our passion for design and quality, we seek to create residential and commercial developments that represent the finest examples of liveability and workability. This cultivates long-term success and the greatest outcomes for those who occupy our properties, and for the communities in which we develop.

Operational Expertise

Acquisition –

Our proven success and proficiency in property acquisitions is afforded to us by our patience, a sharp eye in recognising untapped potential, bold vision, transparent intentions, and a history in unlocking both short and long-term opportunities. Due diligence, risk mitigation and the management of our trusted key consultants, including architects, town planners, engineers, and local agents, ensures that we identify properties with the greatest potential. Our team’s knowledge of the political landscape, surrounding community, and local council needs, plays a constructive part in distilling powerful outcomes

Delivery –

Every project we embark upon has delivery requirements which are unique to its scale, location, and complexity. Relationships and project partnerships play a major part in our delivery process, which is how we ensure that every contributor is working towards a shared vision. A team of in-house and external consultants are carefully selected on each project to ensure each challenge is met by a specialist eye, and the quality and design hallmarks of our brand are upheld. Our collaborative approach, the respect we have for our partners, and the importance we place on celebrating success all play a role in delivering landmark projects of significance.

Asset Management –

Through the strategic consideration of a property from many angles, we make informed decisions to realise that property’s maximum value. This often means thinking about the property in a completely new light. Our successful track record in asset repositioning includes redevelopment, rezoning, branding and cosmetic upgrades, and improving tenancy mix and occupancy levels. These various initiatives promote increased tenant satisfaction and retention, enhanced capital growth, and ultimately contribute to the quality of the communities in which the assets are located.

Property Management –

We view our tenants as partners, and as such, their satisfaction is very important to us. The hands-on approach of our in-house asset management team means we have direct relationships with all our tenants. This personal engagement and collaboration with tenants, as well as all other stakeholders, ensures the ongoing satisfaction of all our tenants. Our proven history as a trusted landlord, and our drive to form positive relationships, ultimately improve the success of every business with which we work.

We're passionate about property. Our expert, experienced and agile team moves at the speed of the market, responding quickly and acting decisively to ensure success for our partners.

Adam Davidson
Adam Davidson
Managing Director

With more than 18 years of property investment experience, he transitioned from his dentistry practice to follow his passion for investing full-time. As Founder and Managing Director, Adam leads the Up Property team, business operations and strategy. He is responsible for all aspects of acquisitions, and investor and stakeholder involvement. Adam’s vision to create an integrated property development and investment business renowned for quality landmark projects has been a success for 15 years.

Phillip Briggs
Phillip Briggs
Chief Financial Officer

Dedicated to helping businesses achieve growth, Phillip is a qualified CPA and management professional with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, importing and wholesaling, banking and consumer finance, funds management and property development. His previous roles included Manager of Finance across Australia and New Zealand General Electric Corporation of America (GE) and CFO of both Orchard Funds Management and Deal Corporation.

Jonathan Yap
Jonathan Yap
Group Development Manager

Jonathan’s role at Up Property spans property acquisition, due diligence, town planning, risk assessment, project feasibilities, marketing and sales. Previously Development Manager for the Acquisitions Division of Places Victoria, Jonathan’s experience in business and property development, his relationship building skills, and his passion for design has been an invaluable part of establishing our company’s brand and reputation.

Dora Karageorgiou
Dora Karageorgiou
Financial Controller

Dora holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and has been a fully accredited CPA Australia accountant for over a decade. At Up Property her responsibilities include developing accounting systems for new entities, ensuring tax compliance, improving our capturing methods and use of data, and preparing financials for external accounts.

Ryan O'Grady
Ryan O'Grady
Group Investment & Asset Manager

Ryan is responsible for the operational functions of Up Property’s portfolio. Over 7+ years he has amassed broad knowledge across Sales, Leasing, Property & Asset Management & Development, in commercial, industrial, retail and residential real estate. He has held prior roles as Sales & Leasing Manager at Pellicano Group, and as a Commercial Sales & Leasing Agent at Knight Frank.

Priscilla Zahra
Priscilla Zahra
Office Manager

Priscilla joined Up Property with a background in business management and marketing, and 16 years of experience in operations management. Her key responsibilities are to lead compliance and HR, and to provide managerial support in the day-to-day running of the business. Priscilla also develops and implements new business strategies, compliance processes and training programs, all of which are vital to our ongoing success.

Frank Caron
Frank Caron
Facilities Manager

With 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Frank is currently the lead on our large commercial projects. He oversees these projects’ day-to-day management onsite, working closely with our project teams, tradespeople and prospective tenants to maintain current infrastructure and maximise efficiency. Frank also has extensive personal property development experience including new residential builds, residential extensions and subdivisions.

Rebecca Raymond
Rebecca Raymond
Marketing Coordinator

Rebecca brings a BA in Creative Industries (Interior Design), 15 years in product sales, and an acute eye for design, quality & people. From early project marketing and programming to editorial shoots and post-production styling, Rebecca is able to forecast and expand target audiences, design and manage project collateral for leasing and sales, and ensure that the Up Property brand is consistent across all mediums.

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